The national anthem of Khaniterstan was written and published on March 5th, of 1976, at the nation's end of Soviet rule. The lyrics were written by the first official mayor of Belgova, Naji Hakim.

Naji Hakim stated that he wrote the song about the feelings of the nation when Soviet forces left Khaniterstan. "The nation was overwhelmed with joy and for once in over two decades felt powerful and a desire to fight." said Naji Hakim during his speech in the country's capital, Navijigan.

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Omar Boulos (left) and Naji Hakim (right)

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Khaniterstan National Anthem in English Edit

We are Khaniterstan, the greatest country of all, we are Khaniterstan, we suffer no more, challenge the great Khaniterstan, and we shall crush you, we are Khaniterstan, with the strongest men and women, this is Khaniterstan, where we unite forces, we are Khaniterstan, the proudest country in the world, we are Khaniterstan!

Khaniterstan National Anthem in Khaniterese Edit

Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ, ԌԂӷԏ ԒӿԇԎԇ, Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ, Ԋԏӷӿ ӹԃԓ, Ӷԓӽԅԅӻӿ ԌԂӷԏ Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ, ԊԓԛԂ ԝԁӿ, Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ, ԐԂԓԃԏ ԉӿԑ ԉӿԑԓ, Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ, Ԏӿӽԏԏӿԓ, Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ,, ԁԍԝԓ Ԇӿԏԋ, Ԇԃԑԋԏӿԉ Ӻӿԅ!

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