Isa Asad Basima was born in the small town of Hijen, Khaniterstan on December 2nd, 1959. Now currently the second president of Khaniterstan, being elected in 2002 against former president, Dawood Salib.

Early Life Edit

Isa Basima grew up with a single mother during the Soviet rule of Khaniterstan. As a child, Isa was quiet, however according to his teachers, he was a natural born leader. He left Khaniterstan, to study in China in 1979.

Presidency Edit

Isa Basima is the current president of Khaniterstan, being elected in 2002. Being elected due to his past military status, guarding Khaniterstan from enemy forces. He currently hosts a meeting in the country's capital, Navijigan in order to pass new laws and regulations.

Private Life Edit

He now lives just outside of the city of Navijigan with his two children and wife.

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