There are two major religions in Khaniterstan. One is Christianity, left over from the Soviet Union's rule in Khaniterstan. The other being a relatively new religion to mark the fresh start for Khaniterstan, known as Oligochaetianism (Khaniterese: Ԛӻӹԅԓԏԓ).

Christianity in Khaniterstan Edit

Christianity's Start in Khaniterstan Edit

After the nation of Khaniterstan was captured by the Soviet Union, the once Muslim country saw a big shift in terms of religion. The Soviets brought ideals of Christianity over to Khaniterstan which remained the nation's official religion until 1980.


Christianity Today Edit

Christianity continued to have a strong pull in Khaniterstan, and even today holds some weight within the country's government, with many members still identifying as Christian. After the change in government, many citizens felt the country needed a fresh start and a new beginning that was not forced upon them by Soviet rule. Thus splitting the country in half, one half being Christian, and the other half being a new religion known as Oligochaetianism.

Oligochaetianism Edit

Sometime during the late 1980's, early 1990's, a new religion started growing among citizens. The religion became known as Oligochaetianism. Though uncommon within Khaniterstan's senior citizens, the percentage of people under forty-years-of-age that practice Oligochaetianism is nearly eighty-percent.

121605 icoana-sfanta-parascheva

Olighochaeta in human form.

Olighochaeta Edit

Olighochaeta, is the God-like being worshiped by those who practice Oligochaetianism. Olighochaeta is genderless, however, is often referred to as a "she" by citizens due to the belief that Olighochaeta is in fact mother nature.

Teachings of Oligochaetianism Edit

The teachings of oligochaetianism are very similar to humanism. Olighocaetians believe in peace and strong small communities, similar to that of Khaniterstan, itself. The religion preaches that human beings are at peace with the story, and respecting it will bring healthy crops for the entire nation of Khaniterstan.

Practices of Oligochaetianism Edit

In Oligochaetianism, members must pray three times a today, within their garden. Kissing at the dry soil, and asking Olighochaeta to bring them all that they hope for in life. They are a peaceful religion.

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